Traditional, Polish, noble kitchen, elegant with aroma of spices with amber route, Polish juniper’s scent and desserts gladdening from delicacies eyes from Grandmother’s pantry.
The Restaurant “Przy Trakcie” it’s a  climate of warm meeting in elegant and cosy interior.

   The glitter of candles, fresh flowers on table, for window the charm of Krakowskie Przedmieście Street with view on Hotel Bristol, the Visitant’s Church and the Varsovian University.
The interior of restaurant goes out on street with a little café throw a flowers and absorbs the atmosphere of hum the polyglotic crowd, which wanders with Royal Track, intrigued with history of our country.

   Guests of this restaurant send  thanks from different sides of world for boletus soup, roast piglet with buckwheat groats, splendid mushrooms or pork tenderloins in smoked plums sauce what never before and never then didn’t eat.
Polish Restaurant with pleasure will organize for You and Your guests meetings not only at the Restaurant but also at the purposed places (desired location)
Any question about our offer, please contact with restaurant by phone: + 48 22.827.01.98 or by email: